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Does the idea of wandering excite you? Do you dream of camping in thrilling terrains with an unacquainted crowd or going out for a beautiful beach holiday with friends, or just relaxing in some unknown land all by yourself, reflecting upon the magnificence of life? Do you at times just feel abundantly jaded of the same place, same routine.

We here at Spirit Bohemian aim at pulling you out of your unexciting lives and bringing to you all the beauty this world has to offer.

We aim at making each of your journey a destination unto itself.

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My trip to Pushkar
History & Heritage, Weekend Getaway, Spiritual Tour, Backpackers, Solo trips,

My trip to Pushkar

I wanted to go Pushkar from a long time now, So this one weekend I was free, I packed my bags and catched the next Bus to Ajmer. Pushkar is 13Kms from Ajmer. Pushkar, also known as Tirtharaj is situated beside the famous Pushkar Lake. For Pushkar I took a read more...

Trihund – Walking the hills of amusement
Easy on Pocket, Get Aways,

Trihund – Walking the hills of amusement

“I didn’t know where I was going until I got there” - Cheryl Strayed. Trekking, whenever we hear this word all we imagine is a rough walk with almost none luxuries; we are usually busy walking in our concreted jungle which is not easy at all though. If you do read more...

AMRITSAR – History, Beauty and Food!
City Tours, Road Trips, History & Heritage, Spiritual Tour, Backpackers, Solo trips,

AMRITSAR – History, Beauty and Food!

Living in Karnal, I have been to Amritsar more than I can remember. So, here I am to guide you through the best that Amritsar has, to offer to you! The name of the city suggests much. 'Amrit' means sweet, and sweetness is there in the feel of this city read more...

GOA – ‘Palm Trees , Ocean Breeze, Salty Air, Sunkissed Hair, Endless Summer, Take me there’
Gang of Girls, Bohemian Special,

GOA – ‘Palm Trees , Ocean Breeze, Salty Air, Sunkissed Hair, Endless Summer, Take me there’

Without overstating at all, I would solely write about one of the best days of my life. This was our first trip to GOA. After reading countless trolls on how you could only ‘plan’ goa, we had decided to finally go there. It wasn’t a family spree. We were four read more...

My first Solo weekend get-away to Jaipur from Delhi
Easy on Pocket, Get Aways, City Tours, Bohemian Special,

My first Solo weekend get-away to Jaipur from Delhi

I had been planning a solo trip to a place where I could explore things all by myself for a very long time but I never could plan a trip as such mostly cause I used to be surrounded by work or just not making the efforts to make it read more...

Kerala- The God’s own resthome
Travelopreneur, O Womaniya, Bohemian Special,

Kerala- The God’s own resthome

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta When God created the entire universe and was very tired of his work, he wanted some peace and rest, therefore he created Kerala, and often people call it God’s own country. It might sound over read more...

White Water Rafting – My Tryst With Adventure In Kolad
Easy on Pocket, Gang of Girls, Get Aways, Mountain Lovers,

White Water Rafting – My Tryst With Adventure In Kolad

In the words of Siya Zarrabi “Maybe the best moment of your life will be on your next big adventure”. With this thought, me and my travel partner, Nikita decided to make good use of the monsoon weekends to indulge in adventures that we haven’t done before. Now, the moment read more...

Dharamshala City Tour – Solo travel story
Easy on Pocket, Get Aways, Road Trips, Bohemian Special, Solo trips,

Dharamshala City Tour – Solo travel story

I’ve realized, travelling isn’t just about exploring new lands, but much more. It’s not about where you go but about the simple fact that you are far away. Away from stress, worries, and those ghosts which never quit haunting you. It’s about socializing, about meeting new people, about having new read more...

Jaipur Getaway from Delhi – Art & Craft
Easy on Pocket, Get Aways, City Tours, Bohemian Special,

Jaipur Getaway from Delhi – Art & Craft

As many colors as you will find in Jaipur on your visit, you are bound to come across equally as many variety of art and craft in this city. It is unreasonable to see Jaipur’s culture in isolation from this integral attribute of Jaipur. There are craftsmen and special skilled read more...

Karnala Fort – A thumbs up destination for all trek lovers
Easy on Pocket, Mountain Lovers, Peak Climbing,

Karnala Fort – A thumbs up destination for all trek lovers

Coming from the advertising industry, I never really got an opportunity to indulge in a 9-5 work schedule. I kind of always work (given Mumbai’s hectic work-life), burning either the midnight oil or slogging in the early hours of the day. And if I get lucky (the industry has really read more...

Vienna – Luxury & Architecture
Family Trips, City Tours, History & Heritage, Couple Tours,

Vienna – Luxury & Architecture

We had a terrible scare!! We kept shouting at the taxi guy to drive faster!! This is for the first time that we came to know what it feels as if your heart’s almost stopped. This was exactly what happened when we had to board a 9:35 p.m. flight to read more...

Pondicherry (Puducherry)
Travelopreneur, Family Trips,

Pondicherry (Puducherry)

1st Jan was approaching …… still no plans. This was the first time we didn’t plan my Birthday celebration cum our New Year Fiesta…… I thought he would surprise me … The clock ticked away every day ….. the calendar flipped through 25th, 26th, 27th…. No news, all the plans read more...

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We are travelers and we are travelers with huge bucket lists, long wish lists and we are on the go. We are exploring the unexplored and we are laying the inspiring footprints, showing a direction and suggesting that travel changes your life – and yes in all good sense.

What We Do

Our Mission is Simple

The idea behind Spirit Bohemian is to share the unconventional spirits of destinations in India and the spirits that are being uplifted by the travel experiences that are enriching in all the possible sense.

We are here to help you explore and connect with the like minded people to travel with and to begin the journey to an enriching experience in the easiest way possible.

Travelling adds to the experience called life.

Following are few videos where bohemians are sharing how travel changed the life for them!​

Bohemian Travelers Say

Ayushi is an ex-software professional, a recent hobby preneur and a loving mom. She loves art and craft, reading, cooking and travelling. Her travel diaries are personal and peacefully serene.

Currently graduating from the University of Delhi, Dhairya is a number one foodie from Karnal, a small and pleasant city far away from the dust and pollution of metropolitans. He loves traveling and exploring new places, people and cultures (and of course food!). He believes in capturing moments in his heart and memories rather than in cameras!

Dhruv is a student and aspiring Chartered Accountant. He says travel brings him closer to his ambition as he gets to understand the different perspective of life by looking at the life from the angle of people he meets during his solo trips. He believes that a part of pocket money must be saved by every youth to unlearn & rediscover life.

A person of dreams...and a change management consultant by profession.

“Isha is a globe trotter. She loves to meet new people and visit new, unexplored places. She is pursuing her higher studies in the field of law, and a very fond reader of fictions and nonfictions about history, drama and family life. Anything and everything about new places excites her and she can talk about her journeys all day long!”

Ishika is a student traveller. A curious soul and explorer by choice. She is studying commerce and human beings, the beauty of nature and also what all life can offer us. She believes in living life than spending days and that is why with no ignorance towards her studies, she still believes that 'to live' is her primary goal. Rest all is a part of life.

Jeet is a nomad, a firm believer in hippie culture, a traveller by choice and often experience multiple foodgasms by seeing varieties of food on his platter. He believes in traveling and exploring the unexplored destinations. He always keeps his rucksack looking bag always ready for random travel plans. He believes in exploring for experiences as travel is so far his best teacher after his mom.

A branding enthusiast with 30TH FEB, yes you got it right, thats the name of her Brand Consulting firm.

Jishu Amit Martin is a professional photographer, cinematographer & editor. He loves traveling and is passionate about exploring new places. He loved the idea of 'travel inspire' and hence sharing his travelogues.

Naimesh is an entrepreneur who believes traveling is necessary to excel at your respective work profiles. Since he comes from the startup brigade, he believes in planning for travel as it is prudent and also leads to best tours & trips.

Neelanjana's passion for travel stems from 32 years of living in 10 different cities. Not only does she love traveling, she loves good food from different parts of the world and all sorts of performing arts. She believes that no matter which phase of her life she is in, traveling will always remain a big part of her agenda.

Priya as her friends call her fondly is a content writer based in Mumbai. She loves to be with friends, watching SRK movies and traveling. Her bucket-list suggests, Canada is going to be her next destination but for now we feel she is an expert on city tours and getaways and more precisely, how girls like it to be.

Sachin is an Account Executive - Projects with 30TH FEB. He is been traveling forever, since his dad is been into Defence Services. But he hasn't been exploring the world out there and that zest to explore cultures, places and people - lead his way to travel more & travel often. He is a backpacker, a rider and feels that every single tour adds pace to his life. Incase you wish to reach to him and talk about his travelogues on Spirit Bohemian, mail to

Shivani Singh, is a teacher by profession. She believes that ‘to travel is to live’. She describes, her flair for writing as a deeply rooted passion for discovering the world and its wonderful cultural diversity. Her favourite travel quote is, “Of all the pages of world the best stories are found in the pages of your passport.”

Shiveka is the youngest bohemian traveller to be featured on Spirit Bohemian. She is a class VII student from Delhi and she says that she waits around the year for her annual vacation. Sikkim story is a one of the summer sojourns she happily shared with us.

I'm a photographer, a student with a view of the world that you might not see, unless you see through the lens of my camera or even yours, but once you do, it'd be a sight you'd savour for long. So let's travel, click and save exquisite memories from around the world, in our little space.

Sonali is a photographer who took the plunge for her passion. She is been an admin manager of a school and prior to that she was employed with a Consulting firm. Nothing gave her the contentment like a camera lens and she bid adieu to pursue photography full time.

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Jeet N Bhardwaj
Jigyasa Laroiya
Jishu Amit Martin
Neelanjana Sarkar
Sachin Ahuja
Shiveka Bakshi
Shriya Dhingra
Sonali Shekhawat

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