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Tanot Mata Mandir

‘Tanot Mata Mandir’ is temple of Goddess Hinglaz in district Balmer near Jaisalmer surrounded by Thar Desert. This temple is under Border Security Force (BSF) and also called as ‘Temple of Miracles’ As they say Goddess Hinglaz defended the soldiers of India from bombs in such a great way during India Pakistan war of 1965 and 1971 the bomb shells can still be seen around, Tourists are not allowed to go beyond the temple (near to the border) unless one gets the proper documentation from the higher authorities.

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Western Rajasthan Motorcycle Journey Jaiselmer-Ramgadh

The ride is about 120 kms from the Golden City of Jaisalmer. The road passes through the windmill farms with huge windmills are installed on both side of the roads covering miles of area. The whole area is dotted with those windmills. The road after Ramgarh is a pure delight you could cruise though the Great Desert of Thar.

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Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes is a must visit in the state of Rajasthan in the environs of the city of Jaisalmer. It is likely that you are going for a Desert Safari when planning to visit Thar Desert or else, the point of going there is useless, making the Sam Sand Dunes an increasing major tourist attraction of the city. Majority of the travelers prefer to visit the Sam Sand Dunes for a day excursion coming from Jaisalmer, others joining in some camel safaris. There are a lot of camp owners who are offering mud cottages and Swiss tents to tourists.

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Om Banna Temple/Bullet Baba Temple

Long time ago one person by the name “Om Singh Rathore” of Chotila village on Pali road who was found of long bike rides met with an accident and died on the spot. Every night his bike used to elope from the police station and come to the spot where this accident happened, next morning police would come and take it back but same thing would happen again. Some say this news of bike coming to the spot again and again made people to make a temple at this spot. Now stands a temple at that spot where Om Banna died , his bullet stands there in the glass box and daily early morning people come there seek his blessings , every traveller going from this road would stop here like i did and would seek Om Banna’s blessings.

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Barmer – Antique City of Rajasthan

The colorful festivals and places of attractions contrast the dry landscape of Barmer. There is a very popular fort in Barmer called Barmer Fort. The remains of this fort is distributed all over Barmer. The town has its own charm as it is seated on a rocky hill top. A temple dedicated to Sun God called Balark Temple is another important tourist destination. The three Jain temples added more charm to the religious significance of this place. Kiradu temple found in the village of Hathma is known for its architectural elegance. Art lovers and archeologists also love to explore the four temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and five to Lord Vishnu in Barmer.

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Kuldhara Village

A village named Kuldhara, about 18km from Jaisalmer, comprises of 85 villages is one of the most haunted places of India. The first appearance doesn’t feel as if there is anyone who lives there yet it looks more a town. Kuldhara Village has temples, houses, streets of ancient architectural style sounds the development of the village in by gone times. Though at night, Kuldhara village can’t be ignored. No one is allowed to enter the village and its premises during night. According to the locals, No one has survived a night there. Many queries arises about the village in everyone’s mind which makes people curious and interested to find the unknown answers.

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Chawand, Dausa

Chawand, known as the capital of Maharana Pratap in the period between 1585 and 1615, is situated in proximity of Dausa. The beautiful architecture of the place reflects the Spartan defence. Rishabhdeoji is located in the vicinity of Chawand, where an annual fair is organised on the eve of Lord Rishabdev’s birthday.

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