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There are times in life that bring out the urge in people to leave everything and take a few days off to travel their heart out, and here I chose the City of Sprawling History & Luxurious Experience of a lifetime – Neemrana.
Neemrana is about 120 odd km from Delhi on a Jaipur Highway. Apart from its beautiful architecture, exquisite location and numerous activities on the go, it also happens to be an industrial hub to the Japanese companies, who have built their township. What intrigued me the most as a student is of how the city still holds and sticks to their old heritage, values and conserves the architecture, it is also reaching to developments and immense progress by setting up industries and factories. The main ingredient of the whole trip, to me, personally was the Zipping Experience at the Neemrana Fort. The Fort is a picturesque spot and nonetheless a luxurious hotel with great hospitality.

Ever since I set my foot at the entrance, till my last goodbye to the fort, I have experienced pure royalty and tasted the culture in all forms. From the attire of the staff, to the delicacies served, they have marvellously told-yet-untold each individual, all about the limpid and majestic lifestyle and history of the city.

Forts in india

After a long and hefty drive, my whole family was super tired and walked towards the counter table in half excitement & half tiredness. As we checked in, my cousins spent their journey to our rooms fighting about stupid things all at once. The elders of the family were in awe of the infrastructure of the fort and it’s exclusivity. So the first day went on about settling. The next day we planned to go forth and about Flying Fox. The whole way to the flying fox office which is inside the fort is garland by old artefacts, enchanting views of the fort and dark walkways. At the flying fox office you need to show your tickets and the rest all will be done by the generous staff, they will help you wearing the gears, give you water bottles and accompany you to the top of the hill from where the zipping starts. It’s a short trek up of about 1-2 km and it takes you to the point where you can enjoy the whole cities view and the other low lying hills. The crew trains people and does not starts until every single person has practised once correctly and are confident to start. After some falls, jokes, confusions and finally a lot of smiles we were all set for our first zip, which, mind you, was once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Night view

We left the place after 2 hours of adventure and an unforgettable experience with moments we could cherish forever. We relaxed for some time and went ahead to exploring the whole fort. There are lot of sections in the fort with some empty rooms too. We occupied one, sat there a lot of photoshoots.

Moments led to moments and we reached to the end of our weekend getaway, packing our bags and planning to leave. As I left, I looked at the bricks and felt the breeze past my face and wondered of how much we required this trip, more than others, I did. Because living in cities make us so caught up in the external space that we forget to introspect and realise of who we really are and what we really want from life. We forget that life is genuinely short and when we’d be mid air and towards heaven, we might just regret flashbacks of that part of our life.

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