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I love to travel. And I even love it to click and capture the natural serenity in my camera. In the following blogpost, I’ll cover some of the monuments which I have visited in past couple of months. And it turns out as a pure treat to camera & of course the photographer.

Most of us search for places outside Delhi and hit that particular place. It’s actually cool, but there are some places in Delhi worth visiting and photographers must visit the places to try their camera skills. Winters are around and that makes Delhi and its monuments look more beautiful and lush. But at the right time, right weather condition and many things which one need to keep in mind. Specially a photographer.

india travel itinerary for expats
Majestic Fort India
Great Forts in India
India Gate - Delhi

First to avoid people or get many people in a single shot.

Secondly the time, avoid weekends and or holidays, one will get a nice and quiet place for experimenting with camera only if we are traveling on a busy day, when people are actually busy at their desks and not around these historical masterpieces.

Third, choose a slightly rainy day and one will get a dust free and clear environment and a shot with good contrast

Fourth, best is winter. Like I have mentioned above, winters make Delhi more picturesque.

The destinations covered so far include: Qutub Minar, India Gate and Humayun tomb.

Now, all the pics in this section are clicked while with friends or just chilling around. BUT ALL THE ARTISTIC SHOOTS WILL BE COMING SOON. So Stay Tuned to this space.

Heritage - Fort
Great Forts in India
India's forts

Legal Disclaimer
As the law the photographs are not to be used without the concern of the photographer. However it’s absolutely free for NGO’s , but only with written permission.

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Jishu Amit Martin

Jishu Amit Martin is a professional photographer, cinematographer & editor. He loves traveling and is passionate about exploring new places. He loved the idea of 'travel inspire' and hence sharing his travelogues.

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